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Facilitator Could you describe how youreusing data to provide feedback and support to your teaching staff David Christopher Yes there are multipleways one of which is really just dealing with student discipline which I think isan under looked at I mean we all have our Safe Schools Report we put out you knowand you do all those kinds of things But if you drill down into that data andwe actually use a School-wide Positive Behavior Support program in our elementary school andwere trying to work on it at the high school We track data we track for every single incidentthat happens Was there a fight Did it happen at lunch What time did it happen Who was on duty All those kinds of pieces and then we putit into a report And what we found is that a couple of thingscame up Number one our principal was spending abouthalf his time in terms of dealing with discipline on cell phones And number two all the significant disciplinaryissues that happened in the building for the most part happened at lunch and theyhappened in the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of the lunch period So what did we do We changed our cell phone policy which weactually went and did some research and have changed our policy now so that were not I mean if a kids cell phone goes off during a class its a larger infraction We actually have a more significant issuewe deal with But during the hallways we dont even monitorit anymore Because we were chasing kids around all dayand it really had no impact on the education that we could find The second thing we did is we added additionalfaculty at the beginning and end of lunch and we actually took everybody through anactive supervision training and trained all our teachers on what theyre supposed tobe doing Youre supposed to be walking around interactingwith kids making sure theyre doing all right If theyre not we have a whole procedurewe go through to try and identify that And we have four or five extra teachers inthe lunchroom the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes And what we saw is our disciplinary rateswent boom You know And so we freed up all this time for our highschool principal to get back and support teachers on instruction on observation on dealingwith those things that we really want him doing as an instructional leader as opposedto chasing people around all day And that really that was very effective 000202 David Christopher And the other thing wevedone is with actual our actual observation data is we actually sit down as an administrativeteam and we look at everyones observation data We pull up charts and we try to ensure thateveryone our people who are doing observations are very similar in how theyre rating teachers You know that we dont have one evaluatorwhos giving everybody a distinguished and one whos like hammering everybody Its very similar its research basedit makes a lot of sense and I think that helps the teachers feel like you know thatthey work in an environment where people really are trying to be fair...